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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Originally Posted by Creative Engineering View Post
I'm still working on it guys...unfortunately new products have to be worked in with the regular production schedule for parts that are owed to customers...this is why new products are slow to come about.

In the production schedule; we make sprocket adapters, sprockets, intakes, cylinder heads, and motor mounts. We are a small shop and the machines have to be utilized for orders before prototypes can be made!

Jim, I think it can be done, but not cheaply. It would end up being a custom-made hub. Tell me what you think of this idea, Jim:
You've noticed how ten-speed wheels are flatter on the side with the cassette. To have a cassette of drive sprockets (maybe only two of them) you'd need to construct a LHD hub with that side being the flat, freewheel side.
Rather than having the deraileur moving about, which others pointed out would put the chain out of alignment with the engine drive, you could instead have the drive cassette slide in and out on a splined shaft of the hub. The guide wheel/tensioner would remain lined up with the engine. In three-speed style, a shifting lever or cable entering that side of the hub would slide the drive cassette in or out, lining up the desired drive sprocket with the engine and the tensioner keeping the chain on-course to complete the process. I haven't sketched it out yet, but I can see the operation of it in my head. (I know that doesn't help you over there.) I don't have a machine shop or I'd just build one and try it out, spend endless months tweaking, and eventually come up with something. If you can figure out what's going on in my head - it's all yours.

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