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Default EUREKA I Found it ! Bike Bug, Aqua Bug, Tas Spitz, Sears Free Spirit, & Little De

I've been looking thru my CD back up disk in my old bookmarks folders and I found this lovely web site a family created for their interest in Tanaka bicycle motors marketed under the names: Bike Bug, Aqua Bug, Tas Spitz, Sears Free Spirit, and Little Devil. I'm hoping this will add to the board for future pilgrims when they arrive wondering what it is they bought from someone, tuning spec's, and operation.

I found this way back in 2004 I believe but as I said.....the internet was a two llane dirt road wanting to be an info super highway. I couldn't find information
or boards like this one then so my Sears Free Spirit motor sit in the box getting older and older.

This image of a Sears Free Spirit engine is representative of what my engine looks like. The bicycle I am mounting mine on is different however.

So, I hope this helps those who have come by one of these motor outfits.



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