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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

Originally Posted by Gbrebes View Post
I have a question for the California people. Can I even legally obtain a 2 stroke engine in California?

I have been looking into the 2 stroke/4 stroke question and one of the vendors on this site can not ship a two stroke engine into California due to EPA restrictions. Would I need to get one in some sort of black market situation?

If this question is too sensitive (legally) to comment on, I understand.

There are tons of posts on legalities of engines in CA including the riding laws, look for them in a variety of places. Yes you can obtain one although not all dealers will sell them to you just because they want to avoid any problems. Check many of the sponsors on the left and right, many of them have no problem sending you an engine. Heck Venice Motor Bikes is in California and sells 2 strokes as you can see by his site.

Now as for my personal preference I'm starting with a 4 stroke because I like the idea of being able to fill up anywhere. As for power output and all that what I am really only wanting isn't top speed but power enough to push my 250lb ass around.
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