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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

I have built both so heres my thought...

Skyhawk 66c gt5 vs HS 49cc

The 4-strokes are better, hands down...

The 2-stroke are cheap, unreliable, and a crapshoot at best. Parts are widely available, but for good reason, because things break often. Carbs are almost always out of adjustment, which can lead to premature wear.

The HS is a good little motor. A Japanese design Chinese copy, is better than a Chinese design in my book. Some guy have over 50k on their Huasheng. Show me a 2-stroke with 50k then we can talk. They have a good power band, loads of grunt for a 49cc, plus 7000 rpms equals good top end. The only disadvantage is the gearboxes. Their 6+ to choose from, some better than others. But the EZM shows a proven 45mph+ and silent operation. Show me a 2-stroke single speed that can do that.

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