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Default Greetings from the Midwest

Hello all.

I stumbled across the site here a while back, and have been a constant reader since. I'm extremely impressed by all the compiled knowledge, and I hope to be able to use everyone's advice and contribute when I can!

About me- I'm a 29 year old Caucasian male. I enjoy red meat, dark beer, milk crates, and riding my bike. I'm planning on doing as much research as I can BEFORE buying all the components I need. I am a current biker (not a cyclist, BIG difference!), and I am gradually finding out the things I need to keep my bike road-worthy, considering my size (I'm 6'5", 280lbs). Some stuff just refuses to stay put (handlebar clamp has been the biggest problem), and I figure I should find everything that could go wrong, so when I do motorize, everything will be much safer.

Thanks a lot in advance to anyone who helps me along the way, and once my ride is done, hope to see you on the road!
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