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Default Re: I find the Tanak PF-4000 ear shattering loud !

Originally Posted by scotto- View Post
Are you using the stock can on the Tanaka? I don't find them loud at all, but then maybe I'm half deaf. I've run all Tanakas on my stand-up scoots, from the PF26cc to the 47R with stock cans and racing pipes. Granted the racing pipes are very LOUD, but the stock cans I find rather quiet outside of WFO. My hearing is going though...
I've run the Subaru 35cc, TLE Mitsu 2.2hp, 4.5hp GP460 and a used Tanaka 47R engine on my bikes. The Subaru was the quietest, Mitsu was almost as quiet with an ADA S1 pipe. 460 was deafening with a Dominator pipe, but pretty quiet with the ADA pipe. Tanaka 47R was deafening with the ADA pipe. I noticed that the Tanaka's exhaust flanges were cross-threaded. When I repaired that and installed the Mitsubishi's muffler, things became much quieter. I have a Scooterguy frame-mount with shift kit, so the Tanaka is an inch away from my left knee. Only the 460/Dominator and Tanaka/loose ADA pipe bothered me, but no headache.

At age 64, my hearing is excellent. My secretary in the next cubicle calls me by whispering my name, and I ALWAYS answer.

Loudness is subjective. There are hundreds of obnoxiously loud mopeds riding on the streets here, so people don't seem to notice my loud bicycle.

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