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Default Re: I need your guys' 2 cents on durability/ longevity issues on HT motors and.....

You shouldn't have to actually WORK on the bike every day. BUT: if you allow to for a pre-ride checklist, you can avoid mishaps that will cause more work. This is just my own personal example:
1. Lights, head, brake & tail. Working?
2. Drive chain tension & allignment.
3. Tire pressure.
4. Fender brackets, look and feel (if you have fenders).
5. Any black oily gas leaking out of tailpipe or carburettor?
6. Choke nut tightness? (There's a good reason for this one too.)
7. Was petcock shut off after last ride?
8. Got enough gas in tank to get where you're going and back??? (!!!)
9. Brief but thorough general visual inspection - bike overall.
Sometimes I even add things to the list if I think I need to. Keep in mind: I'm pretty anal. I'm pretty sure not everybody here goes quite this far, but some do - I'm sure. This sort of thing keeps me out of trouble. And I don't have to work too much on the bike. Works for me. That, and I agree with getting a better aftermarket plug, and don't overwork or overrev the engine. Just give it the work it was meant to handle in the way it was meant to handle it and it should last as long as any other. Just my 2 cents.

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