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Default Re: Best Way to Reattach Muffler?

Thanks for the response.

The red high temp gasket maker is not good to use? I'm theorizing that it would be "rubbery", and absorb much of the exhaust compression, and work better than a hard, preformed gasket that always seems to get "baked", like those that come with the engines.

I was hoping to be careful enough not to let any of the stuff ooze into the inner aspect of the exhaust port, and ruin any of the tuning that is gained from the stock muffler.

Speaking of tuned mufflers, I saw a funky looking tuned exhaust on a "Kings" You-Tube clip. The video was interesting.

As far as things rattling-away from Harleys, I hope to cut my teeth with this bike first, before making mistakes with the Harley that would be very expensive.

So Stude, how many and what kind of motorized bikes have you put-together, if you have time to answer?
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