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Default Best Way to Reattach Muffler?


I would like to semi-permanently reattach my muffler to the exhaust manifold.

The gasket that came with the engine has now turned-into a crumbly jigsaw puzzle.

I picked-up some Permatex red High-temp gasket maker at the auto store. I'm hoping to use this stuff that bills "Remains Flexible" on the pacakage.

What originally caused the problem was the exhaust manifold nuts rattled loose on the engine's first "Maiden Voyage" of about 5 miles. My neighbors were all appalled at the noise (one of them is a city council member. Ooops!)

Well anyways, I have some red locktite, and some blue. I'm reluctant to use the red, because I'm afraid that it won't come-off if I need to re-work the joint (like if the new gasket maker doesn't hold exhaust vibration/compression).

What should I do for a good, solid, and quiet fix?



and The citizens of St. Paul, MN
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