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Default Re: Just got my kit...should I be concerned with this gap (pic)

Doubling up on the head gaskets doubles your chance of blowing a head gasket out and also reduces your compression ratio.
Some of the kits are actually shipped out with 2 head gaskets installed. Why, nobody knows for sure. It is wrong.

Truing up the gasket surface with 250 grit wet/ dry sandpaper on a sheet of thick glass, just like Kevlarr suggested, is the best way to insure a good, flat sealing surface. If you can't find glass, use a known very flat section of your kitchen counter or a marble chopping block. Whatever you use it must be FLAT, no hills or valleys. I use my glass top dining room table. Use water from a bucket mixed with a little soap on the wet/ dry sandpaper to help prevent the paper from loading up with aluminum. It will cut faster and cleaner that way.
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