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Default Re: First time firing up the engine, problem! :(

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post, with your air filter box off, look into the carb at the slide. that's the little grey cylinder that's at the end of the throttle cable inside the carb. that moves up and down when you twist the throttle, opening to let more gas in.

it should be all the way down, covering the opening of the carb. if there's a gap, your cable is too tight.

there's a "barrel adjuster" on the cap that screws into the top of the carb that holds the throttle cable housing, with a knurled, round nut on it. loosen the nut and screw the adjuster and watch the slide, screwing it in till the slide stops moving down. now, twist your throttle slowly, and adjust the cable up or down a bit till it feels right. you should have a tiny bit of play before the cable pulls the slide up. just a tiny bit, any more and it'll be sloppy and you won't get full throttle. too tight, and it revs up like crazy at idle. then screw the little finger nut down against the base to lock the adjuster in place.

when that's all set, look back into the carb's throat and watch the slide as you screw in the idle screw slowly. it should move up slightly. if it does, unscrew slowly so it slides down, and unscrew till it stops sliding down. then screw back in slowly till it just barely moves up.

next step, looking at the slide again, twist your throttle slowly and watch to see if the slide moves up until you can't see it anymore. this is WOT, or Wide Open Throttle.

When I turn my throttle handle, it lifts the cable housing up out of the cap. I'll check it in daylight, but the black cable housing and it's metal termination lift right up out of the carb cap. Should I duct tape it in place so it will force the cable and (I guess) barrel where it needs to go ... or ... is it more likely that there is something gummed up in there holding the my throttle wide open position? Thanks. wee.
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