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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

I was once clocked at about 30 by a friend driving by. I do not dismiss out of hand 30+ claims as I know given the right conditions I can almost hit it on a stock kit with no mods and I weigh about 320. I question anybodies sanity that wants to hit it. I usually only ride at 3/4 throttle because my bike gets scary at high speeds and my base bike is a mid level mountain bike that was made for hard riding and abuse, so if you are on $100 cruiser from walmart you are just asking for a large hospital bill.

That all being said I am often reminded of an old Isuzu commericial when speed claims start flying...Joey Isuzu is extolling the virtues of a new Isuzu..."It can 200MPH....down hill in a hurricane, with a good tail wind...."
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