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thanks for the welcomes guys, much appreciated!

i have decided to get a 49cc, just because i live by calverton park and would pass through going to my parents house, if your not familiar with calverton park, they pull you over for damn near anything. its small and most of their money comes from their single red light camera and writing tickets. i would rather not take any chances, thanks for the insight though. i guess im going to focus on modding the 49cc porting and whatever other tricks i find to squeeze out as much as i can, im pretty handy .

i need to work on actually getting a bike and engine first, didnt think it was going to be hard to find an inexpensive bike on craigslist, but i cant find nothin' lol, actually they are there, but no one ever calls you back. to top it off i just had to spend my bike fund on my car, stupid car, good thing i get a discount at the parts store. prof fate, hope your back gets better, is there a st. louis based motorized bike forum or club?
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