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Default Re: Just got my kit...should I be concerned with this gap (pic)

forgive me but, do not ever use two gaskets. this is not the proper way to fix the issue. use some copper sealer from your local car parts dealer and the gasket you have. a little liquid copper gasket sealer and your gasket should do the trick. if it does`nt and you find there is no compression or weak compression. pull the head off and leave the jug. get a fine file and flat file the head and jug to match each other. do not!!! take to much off. this will cause the piston to possibly hit the spark plug on the up stroke. make sure you take just a little off at a time. too much and your piston will strike your plug. this should increase the compression and solve it. never run two gaskets. that`s not the way its done. that`s horrible advise!
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