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Default Slipping Clutch

I'm just about at my witts end with this.

I adjusted the clutch correctly Oh about 20 times and every time it starts slipping after I first release it to start the motor.

I sprayed some WD40 down the hole where the flower nut rides (bad mistake) and it dribbled out with centrigical force onto the plate.

I've cleaned all the pucks with Metholated Spirits, both sides, cleaned up the face plate, and the backing plate where I could reach it behind the pucks, made sure the clutch was adjusted correctly, even incorrectly, just to try something different.

I did notice that when it does slip the flower nut touches the inside of the outside case but has not unwound as the Locktite hasn't moved. Is something loose inside to cause this or are the pucks now impregnated with oil and unusable.
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