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Default Re: Giant 3-speed Suede w/ Jackshaft Nightmare

Originally Posted by furament View Post
gay nice bike but im grummpy i wanna ride my bike and its in piecies grrrrrrr sorrey!!!!!!!!
Hehehe, that's OK furament, it is not a look everyone likes and actually not the bike I ordered, it's the 2009 men's version, but I absolutely love it now that it is broken in and I replaced the chain with heavy duty 410 Z chain.
BUmmer about your bike being in pieces.

I even love that 'gay' low top bar.
Besides making it easir to get on and off of, especially when I have something big on the back rack, with the gas tank at that angle I get great fuel pressure to the carb and every last drop comes out.

One thing for sure, like the look or not, it sure is unique ;-}
Very nice.
If it was my bike.....I'd possibly switch out the wheels to something with black hubs, spokes and rims and do the same with the stem and handlebars.
That's just me though, I really like the monochrome look.
The way you have it set up now is still very,very cool.
Thanks George.
Part of reason I coughed up $500 for just the bike was the wheels.
The hubs, rims, even the Kenda tires, they all make a huge difference when you put a shifter on.
it might not and it's totally up to you... but I back off the throttle a bit to less than engagement RPM before shifting and "ease" the RPM back to engagement to prevent/reduce the "slamming" effect of speedshifting, it's not as slow as it sounds..
Shifters are indeed a new way to ride Barley.
After snapping the standard Z chain power shifting with just it's stock 48cc I put HD 410 on, but I don't show off as much.
As you mentioned just a little back off to shift and smooth re-engagement makes for a nice ride.

Downshift of course is whole different story.
I live in the desert so I don't have to deal with many hills, so it is just leisurely downshift coasting at idle when I know I need to. Just the idle speed changes the gears smooth.

A different way to ride, and I love it.
Now that I have break-in over I have to seriously fix that darn flakey bike speedometer.
I want to reset the trip meter, fill her up, and see how far that 2.5L will take me.
Considering how I ride and the 48cc motor, I am not thinking if I can make 100 miles, I am thinking how far past that I can go before the last drop is gone ;-}
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