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Default Re: Ask a specific question

I bought two of the bike cables yesterday and yeah I have them on hand for the next time. I was thinking more of an emergency repair kind of thing.

Small towns don't have bike shops, or wallymarts, but they might have a general store or lawnmower shop complete with those kinds of cables. I was more curious about what the solid cable would be like. I know on my mowers they are a bit stiffer but it should work. At least it would appear so.

Might have to rig how it attaches to the lever. then again maybe not so much. Bend the solid cable around a small washer and fit it in the hole where the cable end goes and it should work. At least it would seem so.

Ps I have heard wallymart has those cables but mine only has the brake kit not the cables alone. I have a good bike shop which isn't too expensive so I can get mine.
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