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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

My 2 stroke after some tuning can hit 30 mph but nothing more. I'm pretty sure that I just got an average engine though. An "exceptional" engine can probably get to the high 30's. Regardless, you can go with a tuned pipe and a shift kit for maximum versatility from your engine. I wouldn't go much smaller on the sprocket if you are not getting a shift kit because it makes it difficult to get up to speed quickly. With a shift kit, you'll be able to get every last ounce of power out of your engine. You might be able to raise your "crusing speed" up 3-4 mph from 35 but I doubt that you will be able to cruise at 40 without properly balancing your engine internally. The vibrations usually just get too severe. Good luck though!
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