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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

Originally Posted by JohnLL View Post
All these people doubting my speed has me worried about getting another engine. My father is a Pinellas County police officer, and according to his radar my bike will go 43mph top speed. If that is that unusual for having done virtually nothing to the bike, we drilled out the exaust cap by 5/8" and he fussed with something else...but its all stock, than I'm worried my next engine won't perform equally.

Maybe it was how I worded it. When I said I cruise at 35, I'm talking about going for .75-1 mile. If I'm going any further than that I usually hold around 30. That still doesn't change the fact that my bike tops out at 43. I also have a Bell digital speedometer on it and that also reads between 42-44 top speed with a +/- .5 mph reading.

I am not using a cruiser, I'm using a single speed aluminum frame bike, but still using 2.125" tires. I also use super tubes which I have from downhill racing before I moved to Florida, which hold more like 65 psi, maybe that makes some difference, but I doubt it. If my speeds really sound that far fetched perhaps I will buy an engine to give to my father and keep my bike as is.

EDIT: Also, to the poster above me. If I need to ride one handed and record my speedometer I can do that lol. I'm not looking to make my bike go 60. The road I ride on has a speed limit of 35. Which would be fine if most people didn't go 45. If I could get my cruising speed from 35 to 40 that would be a big help with the number of cars passing me WAY to close I have to watch out for.
Also another question now. I noticed they have a boost kit now saying it can give a 4-6 mph speed increase, has anyone used these?
I suppose I could dredge up the controversy regarding the accuracy of both radar guns and bicycle speedometers - but I'll skip to the chase, that with our scale & relative speed the margin for error (usually only 5mph or so) makes all the difference between an average bike and what may appear to be an exceptional one... but given that both the speedometer & gun agree than it may well be accurate.

It is unusual but not unheard of to get the speeds you say, so you may wish to keep that motor lol High pressure tires alone do actually make a significant difference, but weight (aluminum frame) would only really effect acceleration.

As for speed validation... other than pretty much the speeds you've quoted, it starts getting really hard to believe - sure it's not impossible, the land speed record for an Altered Gasoline 50cc engine is around 70mph, but there's no way in heck these Chinese engines are gonna reach that, it's unlikely they'll hold half that if they're stock out of the box.

But we get outlandish speed claims all the time lol - and it's not always dishonesty, people will happily report downhill speeds (which obv doesn't count heh), forget to switch from KPH to MPH, or not even know how to correctly calibrate it to begin with... then there are those that'll *cough* "round up"... just a lil, ya know - to impress and all

Problem is not only can't we really tell who's honest or not - but it messes up people's expatations, just as you worried about getting another engine so is the new guy concerned and disapointed when his shiny new engine "only" does 30mph... when in fact that's perfectly normal for a well tuned, broken in stock kit.

So we ask for substantiation for any claims beyond these "average" speeds, mostly in the interest of getting good info out to the members. You don't need to risk life... or at least limb to get video proof if you don't wish to try to impress others with your maximum speeds *shrug*

As for the boost bottles, heh... well we've had some reports that they improve idle, we've had just a few swear they have a "huge" effect - but most seem to agree they pretty much just look cool
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