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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

i have a mongoose with 28" wheels and a 66cc grubbe 44 tooth, took it out with a hand held gps, it runs up to 37mph prety ez, if you then tuck in and keep it pegged it will slowly reach up to 40mph but it's wound tight as a cheap watch by then, it will cruise in the mid 30mph range ez. so i don't doubt your clam. 43 mph means you got a really good one. don't expect other kits to be able to do it. the top speed is all about how many rpm the engine can pull with a certain size sprocket, drop to too small a sprocket and the motor can't reach the same rpm as it used to. a 40 tooth is probably the best all around sprocket. speeds over 40 are asking for trouble, even speeds of 25 need better brakes.
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