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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

Hi guys, well I had a very bad experiance with one "airless tire" and am not soon to get on another bike with those on it.

A customer brought me 2 bikes to upgrade, and to test. I installed the peanut tank, drilled, and installed a new fuel line to go into the GEBE Robin/subaru belt-drive rack system. He also wanted to have twist type throttles, and a general once-over including replacing the Knob he had lost on the engagement lever.

The bike was a new Townie, with the derailer. All is well except that tire, he had special wheel work done (looked like 105 stainless spokes into a black alloy rim), I rode around the block twice (only), the rear end of the bike felt VERY squirley, like riding a snake! I entered my court, and during the turn-around at the end , very slow, maybe 5 mph, maybe less the bike gave a shuddering squiggle and spit that tire right off the rim, running his new black alloy on old crummy, rocky pavement!

I carried the bike the 150 feet home so as to not further damage the rim. After getting the other bike a new GT running, I only went straight up, and straight back the court, not much of a test!

From what I experianced that day, I will never own, nor sell the airless products.

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