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Originally Posted by talltommy46 View Post
Hmmmmm, 100:1? Hmmmmm!!! I have been running Golden Spectro since about 1978 at 50:1.. In motors that run from 11 to 13.5 comp ratios.. Improper mix, or bad jetting will waste a motor, RIGHT NOW! 100:1? Possibly true, sure.. Anything is possible! But my doubt factor is VERY high! To believe it, I would have to SEE the whole procedure.. Empty tank, a virgin batch of mix at 100:1, put it in and run it.. Not sounding the BS horn, but it IS hard to believe for me...

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golden spectro is the amsoil sabre of the 70's and 80's lol it's great for non powervalved motors and is a concentrate a 12 oz bottle will mix 6 gallons of gas.tall tommy i ride dirt have an 01 cr250r last of the mech powervalve for honda. always mixed it 50:1 but yes amsoil sabre it actually can be run at 100:1 with no mechanical failure I know I know its crazy but it works.. personally i dont do the 100:1 the leanest Iv'e ever brought it was 80:1 and just didnt like the dryness in my motor i like a nice juicy crank and piston when i tear a motor down..
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