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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

All these people doubting my speed has me worried about getting another engine. My father is a Pinellas County police officer, and according to his radar my bike will go 43mph top speed. If that is that unusual for having done virtually nothing to the bike, we drilled out the exaust cap by 5/8" and he fussed with something else...but its all stock, than I'm worried my next engine won't perform equally.

Maybe it was how I worded it. When I said I cruise at 35, I'm talking about going for .75-1 mile. If I'm going any further than that I usually hold around 30. That still doesn't change the fact that my bike tops out at 43. I also have a Bell digital speedometer on it and that also reads between 42-44 top speed with a +/- .5 mph reading.

I am not using a cruiser, I'm using a single speed aluminum frame bike, but still using 2.125" tires. I also use super tubes which I have from downhill racing before I moved to Florida, which hold more like 65 psi, maybe that makes some difference, but I doubt it. If my speeds really sound that far fetched perhaps I will buy an engine to give to my father and keep my bike as is.

EDIT: Also, to the poster above me. If I need to ride one handed and record my speedometer I can do that lol. I'm not looking to make my bike go 60. The road I ride on has a speed limit of 35. Which would be fine if most people didn't go 45. If I could get my cruising speed from 35 to 40 that would be a big help with the number of cars passing me WAY to close I have to watch out for.
Also another question now. I noticed they have a boost kit now saying it can give a 4-6 mph speed increase, has anyone used these?

Originally Posted by karryhunt View Post
I don't want to sound like a doubting Thomas but I have one question......

1. By what means have you used to veify the accuracy of your speed?

2. My Trek Cruiser Classic is set up with the same engine you have with a 10/42 tooth sprocket properly installed without tensioner, perfect chain alignment with Jim's hub adapter, properly mixed Opti 2 oil, 45 lbs in each tire and I challange anyone that tells me they can cruise at 35 MPH for an extended period of time without the bike putting you to sleep or falling apart.

3. I know there must be someone out there that will challange this but I would like to hear from them and see some proof on the speed accuracy.

4. Any takers?

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