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Default Re: I wanna go faster! Help me do it =)

Originally Posted by karryhunt View Post
...I challange anyone that tells me they can cruise at 35 MPH for an extended period of time without the bike putting you to sleep or falling apart.

3. I know there must be someone out there that will challange this but I would like to hear from them and see some proof on the speed accuracy.

4. Any takers?
Although I gotta say that extended trips @ 35mph isn't an unreasonable expectation (provided the engine/bike is built for it ofc) - I think you're gonna be hard pressed to get anyone to cough up anything in the way of proof, there seems to be quite a number of folks more than willing to throw numbers around - but precious few of 'em seem to have anything to back it up with lol

To answer the poor guy's original question though (sorry about that, you stumbled on a touchy subject heh) there's a lot of really good info here: High Performance Bicycle Engine Tips - but I'd recommend a true expansion chamber exhaust & port matching the intake and exhaust manifolds as the most pronounced gain for the money/effort.

Honestly - it's not that we're "against" speed or getting the most performance outa yer ride, it's jus' being the internet we get all sortsa outlandish claims by those whom may not have anythin' other to show than duct tape & wishful thinking

So generally we settle on a compromise - we yap about performance mods alla time, but unless peeps have some sort of real substantiation, we pretty much skip talkin' bout the numbers
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