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Default Re: Twist grip clutch??

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Cable lube isa wonderful thing

I'm really not being snarky lol - I keep seein' ppl complain about the stiff clutch and the junk levers, even folks around here where I live... yet I've found if the smaller spring that's "supposed" to help with return is discarded (not the bigger heat shield one) as unnecessary, the cable itself is routed smoothly w/o sharp bends and well lubricated (it's dry out of the box), even a lil dab o'grease on the actuator pivot & ramp - and the clutch becomes remarkably light & easy to pull...

I suppose there could easily be variance from kit to kit, but I've "tuned" five bikes like that so far with excellent results *shrug*

Not to say that a twist clutch wouldn't be neat (one less lever) or that the pulley mod isn't interesting - but I've simply not found them to be necessary for the reasons stated...
While I agree with you, I also discarded the spring, lubricated the cable and made as smooth a route for the cable/housing, my clutch wasn't all that bad. I picked up the roller idea from a member on another forum and thought I try it to see how well it worked. I have both, more materials and tools then the above average bike builder, so making one wasn't a issue. With the roller I can tie a piece of 6# test mono fishing line to the handle, pull and disengage the clutch (that makes it a one finger operation if you choose). I doubt, that can be done with the best installed OEM clutch cable set up using the original mounting. I get nothing but praises when the roller mod is used.
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