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Default Re: EMT conduit handlebars?

Originally Posted by noco View Post
i think emt would be ok as long as you dont use 1/2 inch....3/4 should be strong enough....i rather see you get mild steel tubing can get it thicker....i never use emt for anything but what it is made for due to it sucking to weld(galvinization and all).....ive bent a whole bunch of emt and can vouch that 3/4 should be plenty strong(depending on the weight your gonna put on it) but id definately recomend using tubing....good luck tell us how it comes out...maybe it would be strong handle bars arn't that expensive
Nor is good steel stock for that matter - the challenge for many is finding it locally as easily as conduit... Which BTW I'm pretty sure would need to be 7/8" for a "standard" bicycle handlebar... I'll agree that even with that size I'd have some reservations using electrical conduit for anything motorized, I'd personally feel a lot safer hunting around till I found steel *shrug*
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