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Default Re: Front Wheel Diag. Needed,(Huffy)

What is wrong with this picture ?

If you are somewhat familiar with this model maybe you can help, I posted tonight, . . its all I wanted was to know where I could get a diagram or schematic to get me going in the right direction, . . .

I didn't mean to take up your time and space, but, . . but, then again if you find forum reading interesting as I do you probably enjoy the read as I do, even if this is totally ridiculous, I was thinking , maybe some trolls came into the garage last night and messed with me, . . just to make me look , paranoid and senile ! Sons ah B*&?!!es

But the part in question just doesn't seem to fit any scenario no matter how I put it.

So tell me, does anything look familiar here ?

This is it, the only part I don't have on this side is the wheel fork bolt and the little catch washer ?

I mean, like there is something missing isn't there?

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