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Default Re: 100:1 Mix

So don't try it *shrug*

It's one of those things, most that have done it swear by it while those that haven't doubt and that's fine. In some ways you're right, running such a lean oil mix is flirting with madness...

Yet what better engine to experiment with than these cheapos?

I suppose I could go on about how I've done what you've requested, broke in a brandy-new motor and run it on nuffin' but 100:1 (Amsoil not Opti, but close 'nuff), run it up to about three thousand miles so far & I've even a build thread on the bike & current pictures.

...but in the end I don't actually recommend ppl run 100:1 - not because it's inferior, but simply because there is less room for error, you really need to know the mysteries of proper oil/fuel/air mix and given there's little to no perceivable advantage other than having to buy far less oil - it's not worth the potential headache of havin' ppl blame engine problems on their mix ratio when in fact it coulda been a million other things, abuse & neglected maintenance as common examples.

So - I've nothing to prove *shrug* it's not like I sell the stuff lol, I recommend a nice conservative 32:1 with a quality non-synthetic to anyone that asks whilst I play with my motor to see what I can get away with... which is why I got into this hobby in the first place. If that's not for you - awesome, but I do hafta point out that there's absolutely no reason to BS about it and about twenty thousand reasons not to (member base).

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