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Default Re: If its not one thing it is still another & another

Well I can push the clutch lever arm over. I have removed the right side cover I can see the nut move a little. It takes so much perssure to move the arm that I do it with the cable disconected. It is so hard the cable would break. With the lever moved all the way in the rear wheel is not free. The clutch just will not disengage. I have several calls in to the seller Tech. support but they have not returned any calls. I just hooked up the cable and can not pull it in at all. I can move the arm and see movement ith the cover off but no free wheel action or no free peddle movement. This is a Stinger motor. So I am nowhere basicly half a day wasted. This thing is ready to go if I can just get the clutch to work.

Jim C.
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