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Default Re: Front Wheel Diag. Needed,(Huffy)

Stude !3

Thats really not that bad of an idea, appreciate it, . .
but I think I might be able to luck it in.

All I want to do is find out from somebody who knows whats
happening, . whats happening.

So, . . here's the parts I have, . Note: there is two of everything, but the part pictured with two sides, I know it's a dumb question, but if there are suppose to be two, one of them disappeared.

BTW, the nut assembly on the axle is frozen in place, tried the skinny wrench with a second adjustable and I can't get them apart, I have some WD40 on it now, but it doesn't look to good any suggestions.

If anyone thinks this is the wrong forum and I should move it to Repairs or something, go right ahead and say so, I won't be all pushed outa-shape, about it. I mean maybe I'm being inconsiderate, I never thought of that ? *_* ?

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