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Default Re: is this for Real...Electrical Conduit for Frame building?

Originally Posted by shamrock395 View Post
It was EMT that people were using, and some interesting looking frames, some were real neat . But I am looking to build a drop loop and eather a doner bike will do or like GearNut said some ERW will do best.
Now about the frame lugs , I keep reading and seeing how people are just welding the frames together (thats how my Columbia is ,or more like brazed). I will be tig welding mine but I will have to say those frame lugs look nice, I just dont know where to get them or if it is even worth the hassle to find them. I trust my welds but -sun of a gun - if 1 fails when I am doing 20 of 25 MPH I will be in a world of pain.
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