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Default Front Wheel Diag. Needed,(Huffy)

I am over hauling a four year old Huffy Senator, and have the front wheel axle apart, believe it or not, I set it loosely apart last night and made the mistake of picking it up today and the axle ball-bearing started bouncing off the floor, I have recovered twenty of them, but that's not all, I be damned if I can for sure find the exact correct fit for it to be reassembled, I am believing there is something missing.

Anyone have any idea where I can find a schematic for this ?

BTW; Regarding that Shimano Wheel, I take it no one is using one, well, it is a pretty good looking wheel with the 12 gauge spokes, I must say, and mounted straight as an arrow, I hope I'm not speaking to soon, but it rides rather well to, . .

The other info on the wheel is that the name Weinmann is also there, wether thats a handlers or importers name I don't know, but it is made in China, . . Alum. alloy rim, AS7X 26x 1.75, it also indicates on a second label that looks like a factory label 26x 2.125, so I'm not sure what to make of that, . .
Coaster Brake CB-E110, this may be a little different than what I first posted in the Shimano Wheel thread.

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