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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

Maybe bogging down is not the right term, Basicly i was riding and every once in a while, usually when i was starting to go down hill the bike would just like "pull back" almost like someone is pulling me back as i'm trying to go forward, like resistace. Now i should also mention i'm having some break issues that need to be fixed, i thought maybe it was my breaks rubbing, but it just seems like too strong a pull to be that and its not constant...but maybe. I DO have plenty of power going up hills, and when i first started riding this morning i felt like i barely had power at all, but as i got closer to work it was running stronger, but still with that "pull" feeling.

My C clip.. thats the little adjuster bar thingy by the carb right? I have that down almost all the way, maybe like 1 peg up.. there arent really pegs on it though.. it just slides freely. I've always been alittle confused by that, but it seems to run best where i have it now, if i go up or down it acts funny.

I will take a look at the spark plug on my next break. I've never removed the spark plug before, when it needed to be changed i had a mecanic friend do it for me, for some reason i'm alittle scared of the spark plug. But ill get it off and take a look. I can just use a wrench or socket to remove it right?

I've been using 24:1 ratio... but i've never done 31-40:1 I think i started with 16:1 then went to 24:1 after 2 gallons, when i first got my engine and have been using 24:1 ever since. Good? Bad?
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