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Default Re: two stroke engines

Hi just a note here as it greives me to have so many pieces of un-substaintiated "facts", on chatboards.

At last known count of easily identifiable factories assembling the 2-stroke in-frame chines kit, there was 1 main carb company, and 7 factories assembling and selling engine kits.

Years ago, prior to any of us ever seeing these kits, and when they were still legal in China, there may well HAVE been 50 factories, but certainly not now.

Now adressing vibration patterns on the 2-stroke. The "China-Fires" as we used to call them are VERY crudely balanced! Some not at all, some engines run pretty nice, and some shake like a wet dog. ANYONE who doesn't believe this either lacks experiance with these engines, or is not speaking truth! Some are faster than others, some smoother, some last a long time and some seem to have the "Rice Krispie" syndrome whic is they "POP" right out of the box!

As to Pablo's ideas about Whizzer? Iniatailly this Just do the 1950's thing which is "Ride one and you'll buy one".

Scondly, since when is a dramatically de-tuned 4-stroke unmodifiable? That would meah I could not have hopped up my old 327 chevy to the point she will do 105mph in third gear, with an M20 Muncie hooked to a 3.5 gearset in a 9-inch Ford?

Carb, compression, cam, tuning, pipe, porting......all this is possible and more.

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