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Default Hello Hello!!

I've decided to enter the great world of motorized bicycling. I've been riding, building and rebuilding bicycles and motorcycles for a few years now and have been looking for a new project. After a long two days of deciding whether to build a bike or motorcycle next, I decided to split the difference and here I am.
I've got a Northwoods Ridgedale cruiser and a Grubee SkyHawk 66/80cc Angle Fire on order.
After search your great forums here, I see this build has been done at least a couple of times and I gather it won't a strictly bolt on project. It seems to be popular opinion around here that the mounts included suck and probably won't fit my frame anyways. I've seen the u-bolt solution, but I'd really like to get one of those sweet mounts that the Manic Mechanic makes if he's still making them. I looked at pirate cycles site the he links to and I didn't see them. Should I give him a call?
My other thought is putting a front brake on the bike. I don't like the idea of just having a coaster brake. Could somebody recommend a good caliper brake that fits these fat cruiser wheels?
The other thing like to do maybe sometime down the line is put a disc brake on the front instead. It seems to me that a motorized bike would put a lot of stress on a caliper brake. Do the break often, or ever?

Thanks for any advice,

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