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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

i just got my motor back together, and had the exact "problem."

all it is, is when re-assembling the clutch, the flower nut gets really hard to turn, because there's a lot of tension on the spring.

it seems like it's tight, but it's got a long way to go.

how i did it, was i put the ball bearing and the rod in, then turned the motor over, holding those in place, and set it down on a piece of wood. then i leaned on it real hard, so the rod is getting pressed in, and then the flower nut is easier to turn. i think i got about 3-4 full turns on it.

when you flip it back over, make sure you don't drop the rod or lose the ball bearing.

then it all went back together easy, peasy, japanese-y.

once you have the clutch actuator arm back on, you can push it in and tighten the flower nut some more. probably have to mess with it once it's on the bike to get it adjusted right.
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