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Default Re: Identifying a jc higgins

Originally Posted by ruppster View Post
I snapped a couple of pictures lets see if they loaded properly. I have to say that I'm loving the lines of the frame. The petcock placement might be problematic though. I'm thinking a reversed cylinder would work nice with the low spot of the tank. The fenders are pretty beat and I really want to salvage the replace the rear reflector. Any ideas? Bairdco I'm counting on you to come up with something for me. I almost forgot! Thanks for the replies you guys rock.
Bairdco will likely know more than I, he's been here longer I believe, but I may be able to tell you something. I've spent a few hours online trying to learn more about my own Higgins. The handlebar stem looks a lot like mine. The rest of the bike, not so much. I would look along the top tube for evidence of a tank, I don't see that frame style too much in pictures without one. I would also look at the front fender for evidence of holes for a headlight mount. Try to see if you can find out what the original paint looked like. The onle other thing I can tell you is: online research. I'm still learning too.

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