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Default Re: New build locked up.

Originally Posted by elijahkan8 View Post
It has never runned. It now turns over, but the chain is so loose it falls off the back sprocket. Can I just remove the tensioner and take out links until its tight? Can I have a diagram of how the throttle goes together? I put 50:1 gas in it.
Chains right out of the box should generally be shortened some to get a good fit . And you will see many builders do not run a tensioner , and many do . Adjusting a tensioner , to me , is an easy fix when your chain stretches after a few miles of use . Some just take another link out which is a little more of an aggressive way to take up the slack . The mix of oil to gas changes after about 3 tank fulls . A new motor uses a mix of 16 parts gas to 1 part oil . After you go through a gallon of that mix then go 20 or 25 parts gas to 1 part oil . That is using regular 2 stroke oil , not synthetic . You tube may have a demo tape on throttle installation or check the operators manual on the previous reply .
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