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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Yes GH...I weighed the 52T today...1.73 lbs. I will definitely put them back in the CNC and lighten them up.

I cut 4 more SS sprockets's really slow going...I had forgotten just how nasty 304SS is to machine.

The milling cutters don't last...I figured I might have had the speed and feed wrong, but when I got home I checked and I had it set almost perfect.

In Aluminum I set the spindle to 4,500 R.P.M. and the feed rate at 15 Inches per minute.

In Stainless, the spindle speed is 1,650 R.P.M. and the feed rate is 2.5 IPM.

The good news is; these are going to be "forever" sprockets. The Baja guys use SS sprockets because they do not wear out!

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