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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

At the risk of stepping on Manic's toes here (sorry), the flower nut is properly adjusted when the clutch is held in the released position by utilizing the release arm on the cover that is giving Michelle problems. Doing it this way releases the clutch spring pressure from the flower nut allowing easy adjustment with your fingers.
After adjustment the clutch mandrel will be resting farther towards the right of the engine allowing the ball bearing and bucking bar to move further inside the drive shaft.
Missmichelleb, try this:
Install the release cover keeping it square to the engine case as best as you can.
Do not worry about fully tightening the screws, just run them in as far as they will go and snug them down. The screw threads should be at least 1/4 inch into the case.
**If the screws will not thread in at least this far the following will not work!!!
You will need longer screws to avoid pulling the threads out of the engine cases.***

You should be able to push the release lever inwards towards the right side if the engine with your thumbs or use a closed end wrench for additional leverage and move it inwards about 1/2 to 3/4 inch of swing. Use some metal wire such as found in garden centers for tying back plants to hold the clutch arm in this position. Wrap it through the hole in the end of the arm and around the cable stop on the top of the case. Twist it a few times so it will not come undone.
Assemble the clutch completely. Adjust the flower nut by running it all the way down finger tight then backing it off 1 full turn, stopping when the best suitable notch in the flower nut aligns with the hole the locking screw goes into. Install locking screw. Tighten locking screw later after full clutch spring pressure can be applied to flower nut.
Release the wire holding the release arm and you should now find that the sprocket cover will fit on perfectly.
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