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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

yeah, you need that pin or the clutch rod can pop out. this just happened to me a few weeks ago. pulled in the clutch and nothing happened. slowed down, stalled out, and saw the whole thing had popped out of the cover. i slid it back in and made it home.

i ended up using a small nail to replace the pin. found one that fit tight enough where i had to tap it in, then cut off the excess with a dremel. after 3 weeks or so, it's still working fine.

just make sure the nail or whatever isn't too big. hammering it in could break off the whole thing.

as for your other problem, i'm rebuilding a motor right now. well, not right now, since i'm typing this, and i think i know what you can do, but i have to go look at mine first.

be back in a few...
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