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Default Re: Stupid clutch slips no matter what I do; flower bolt adjustment Q's.. aarg!

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
The flower nut really only adjusts the range of engagement, not spring tension like the collar will do. It will help with a slipping clutch in some cases, but it's better to adjust spring tension and make sure the plates are clean, oil fee, and not glazed from slipping.

Ditto on the flower nut.

Quick question though. If you remove the small cover the clutch arm goes into, will the clutch still slip? Sometimes those pins come too long (See the animated GIF linked to above. Talking about that pin that goes through the center of the gear) and even when fully letting off the clutch (or even the cable being disconnected), the pin still pushes on the clutch arm (thing the cable goes into), causing it to be somewhat in neutral. I've had to file down (or cut a longer one) for almost every clutch I've done work on.
  • Remove the cover (3 screws) & try pushing the bike again
  • If it's better in gear, hold the cover back into it's place
  • You should notice that the cover (if the bike is now set in gear better) can't quite be set in place without either screwing it down or pushing it extremely hard to the motor. It'l be spaced like a millimeter or so away and teeter-totter on the center pin. Not good.
  • As far away as the cover is from the motor is how much the pin (running through the center of the gear) needs to be filed down/shortened.

Shave off a little bit at a time and keep trying it, don't just take a guess and cut it cuz if you shorten it too much you won't be able to get into neutral. Better yet go down to the hardware store and buy a 3-foot long rod of the same diameter (I use 5/8", which is close enough to the metric diameter to function properly) for like $3 or $4 and cut it a little long with a hacksaw or dremel, and get it perfect through trial & error with a file/grinder/whatever.

WARNING: A few thousandths of an inch makes a difference. So take your time.

Good luck!

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