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Exclamation Stupid clutch slips no matter what I do; flower bolt adjustment Q's.. aarg!

So I built up another cruiser today, it runs great except the clutch slips, making is a major pain to start.

After an extended ride I thought it's time to fix the problem (since it only manifests when you're starting the engine; once it's on, the clutch barely slips.)

So I remove the clutch cable to be sure the arm isn't being pulled at all and I can push the bike with the clutch slipping and the motor not turning over. That's not right.

Now I take off the clutch cover and fiddle with the clover bolt, first tightening then loosening.
Neither seems to make any difference.

To be clear, there is no clutch cable on right now. The engine should be fixed to the wheel, turning the engine over as I push the bike forwards.

Any Ideas? Anything left to do? I'll just swap in another clutch if all else fails. Maybe I just got a lemon. Damnit.
The motor is strong though! When I got back from an extended ride at full speed (est. 34-36mph)
The rear hub was literally smoking! The grease was so hot. Sheesh I might need an upgraded one now lol.
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