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Default Re: Help.. Broken Bottom engine casing.

I didnt notice any pressure when i removed the cover, i checked the hole for grease build up and didnt find any. I greased the area before i installed them, first i tried to install with out the cover plate and flower nut, and i had the issue, then i tried with the flower nut on and had the same issue.. then took it off again.. so I tried to install that ball and peg, both with the cover & flower nut on and with out and had the same issue.

I did lightly tap on it with and it help a bit... but the cover is still not flush.

When the engine was running, right before it broke i was experiencing some issues with the clutch arm sort of vibrating up out of position. But other than that i didnt really have too many issues with the clutch.

Everything seems to be put together right... i'm really at a loss right now.
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