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Default Re: Paint or Powder Coat?

Pros & Cons
Paint...more prone to chipping and being effected by gasoline
Powdercoat...very difficult to touch up nicks, if you get them.
Paint...unlimited colors to choose from
Powdercoat...basic colors with few options except metallics available from the speciality guys.
Piant...Lots of prep work for a good finish. The more prep, the better the finish.
Powder coat...finish is only as good as the bare metal looks. Won't allow body fillers (bondo) to fillet seams and welds.
Paint... Easily removed or painted if you change your mind about colors later
Powder Coat...You'd better be satisfied with your color choice. Very hard to remove and doesn't take to over painting well.
Paint...Cheaper depending on how much prep work/ materials you use.
Powder Coat...Look for a reputable coater and check his work before you commit. Some do only commercial work, like lawn furniture, and they aren't as particular about results. Custom car/hot rod parts coaters know what a good finish is and will provide it.
Just food for thought based on experience.
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