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Default Re: Don't like coaster brakes?

Originally Posted by motocafe View Post
Ps my coaster brake failed yesterday.. All I can say is that I'll never do coaster brakes again
I will say again that not all coaster brakes are equal. Some of the old ones found on classic cruisers made by Bendix, Musslemman, Sachs were made well and of very good materials. Pretty much bulletproof. It would help when you make a condemning statement to qualify it by mentioning what brake it was that failed... was it an old one which had not been given any attention since 1942? A newish one from a discount Chinese import? What bike was it on? I don't trust all coaster brakes, either, but some I find to be very reliable. I've had caliper brakes that were pretty good and others that were next to useless... sometimes it is just the adjustment or worn pads. What were you doing when the brake failed? Coming to a reasonable stop or standing on it? A cable can fail on a drum brake and that doesn't make drum brakes bad.
Also the suitability of one kind of brake over another has something to do with how you ride a bike... fast as possible, then you need better braking. I've ridden some of my bikes with a rear coaster brake and a front caliper brake without problems. No doubt that there are better brakes out there more suited for higher speeds.
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