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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
i was thinking about that, too. with a freewheel you'd need to pull start it.

the main reasons for a freewheel are to set up your pedals for corners, stops, etc, and with multi-geared bikes, deraileurs don't work when pedaling backwards, so they don't work with a coaster brake.

weight is another reason. internally geared hubs and coasters weigh a lot more than what's essentially a front hub with a gear(s) screwed on.

it would be awesome to have a freewheel for coasting down hills, so your chain's not slapping around, but if i had gears, i wouldn't need to coast down hills...
Exactly Baird:

And what I'm figuring...without a freewheel on the left side...the clutch can be disengaged and the chain will be free floating...shift...engage the clutch, and throttle on...Just like any other conventional, manually shifted vehicle.

Of course the rider could, with finesse, shift without the clutch...just like any other conventional, manually shifted vehicle.

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