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Default Re: 49cc engines require driver's license

Welcome to the forum chipmonger, glad you joined us.

Man sorry to hear about your trouble. But yes what motor do you have? The reason we ask is because it may not be a "true" 49 or 50cc. They usually round up when it comes to engine size.

And also, did you tell the officer it was 49cc? I would also contact Roland at tell him you was referred by fairracing31. He can put you in touch with the right people to help you in court. Also he is very knowledgeable with dealing with the courts and can give you some great advice.

If you told the officer it was a 49cc...I dont think you have much luck on your side. If you did not and can prove it is 48cc or less you might be okay. Changing it now from 49 to 48cc will not matter because it is after the fact.
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