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Default 49cc engines require driver's license

My first post included a probably can't be viewed. Sorry...
I recently completed building and an operating a 49cc motorized bike on a spookytooth frame.
I have installed an 8" front disc brake, centrifical transmission and a C-clamp -style rear hub sprocket.
I get a lot of attention and am considering producing this machine for adult commuters. Recently I added a medium highrise handlebar with dual rearview mirrors. I have now attracted attention I did not want.
I was cited in Mesa, Arizona for driving a "moped" w/o a driver's license, registration, or insurance. Court date: August 12.. need assistance before then. Anyone knowing a willing attorney in these matters, please respond.
Also, I am considering milling the head of my 49cc 4-stroke engine, to comply with the 48cc law to get me back into compliance with the law. Will that work in court? Any input is welcome. I intend to pursue this issue into higher courts if necessary on behalf of a motorized bike enthusiasts. I expect, especially in this new economy, that there will soon be thousands of these machines on our roadways, not just for sport, but as a means of necessary transporttion.

Thank you..
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