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Default Re: Ok, I give up. How do you start these things?!

So I went out this morning fully expecting not to get her started, and voila! running. It seemd that my fuel/air mix was way too rich and basically flooding the engine.

I like the engine I got from Zoom but the installation instructions are really bad. If I knew less about mechanics I would have been lost just trying to install the motor.

Now I have a different problem; no power. I can kickstart the engine but when I get on to ride and let off the clutch, it'll die even if I kick her in the guts. Could that me my fuel/air mix? Am I now too lean? What is a good idle for these engines? I know it'll change once I've broken it in.

Also, I'm getting smoke from the engine itself. Is that normal? Is it just grease on the outside burning off?

I just ran her for 5ish minutes and am letting her cool down. Thanks to everyone for all the help!
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